The Department of Foreign Languages has a rich and glorious history, which began in 1959. Over the years of its existence, tens of thousands of students are taught English, French, German and Spanish. The Department is an integral part of the University. Teachers work at full-time and extra-mural departments, at the faculty of post-graduate education, preparatory courses, at the school of young specialists, intensive courses of foreign languages.

Over the years of its existence, the teaching staff of the department has signifycantly changed. Today it employs 17 teachers of English, French, German and in Spanish. They are all professionals in Leaching foreign languages and  are able to transfer know ledge and skills, motivate students and run classes  in the most interesting and effective ways. To meet the growing interest for foreign languages among students, postgraduates and teachers of different University departments, our teachers are in constant search of new and interesting forms of activities.

Lecturers of the Department are constantly improving their professional level. Under the agreement of cooperation, internships are provided at several departments of Donetsk   National University: the Department of the English Language for Economic Specialties, the English Language for Natural and Humanitarian Specialties, the Department of Roman and German Philology.

Ever year lecturers of the Department improve their qualification, attending and actively participating in scientific, methodic and practical seminars and conferences.

 One of the main directions of the Department, as well as the University as a whole is the implementation of the Bologna initiatives and the European education system.

As a part of integration European Higher Education Area, the Department developed a concept of educational process improvement, taking into account: the usage of new  active forms and methods of teaching:

▪ usage of new, active forms and methods of teaching;

▪ creation of multimedia textbooks;

▪ active implementation of distance learning forms;

▪ restoration of audio-video-computer programs.

 It's no secret that a foreign language can not be taught, it can be learned. Favorable conditions are created for studying the language.

     The main goal of the teachers' work is upgrading of quality teaching and meeting international standards.

The Department of Foreign Languages is aiming to become a "legislayor" and creator of  such a school of foreign languages, that will drive away fear and uncertainty and create an atmosphere of joy and confidence that a foreign language is accessible to everyone.