Methodological work on the Chair of Foreign Languages is one of the priority trends. Teachers of the Chair systematically and regularly approach the question of methodological and informational provision of disciplines taking into account modern requirements and tendencies. So, in addition to earlier developed distant learning courses on the 4 foreign languages, there was a work planned for 2018 on distant learning courses in new specialities «The English language. Service» and «The English language. Trading business».

Among new teaching manuals developed by the Chair the 1-st and the 2-nd parts of the manual «The English Language for Students of Economic Specialities» edited in 2017 are worthy of special attention. They include latest selection of authentic material and author's exercises directed at formation of communicative competence which is a key constituent of teaching of foreign languages.

In connection with increase of the number of students studying on individual schedules or in a distant learning way, great work is being carried out on development of electronic teaching manuals, methodological recommendations for independent work, means of students knowledge control (tests, individual tasks and so on).

According to outcomes of the Chair's participation in the contest of teaching manuals provided by the Universtity in 2017, four teaching manuals won the Second Class Diploma  2017 – the manual «Wir lessen, sprechen und genieben Deutsch» and cirtificates for the manuals: First Nomination «For topical approach» the manual «PR in the contemporary  business environment», Second Nomination «For individual approach» the manual «Hospitality industry business», Third Nomination «For original approach» the manual «Master your practical English skills in engineering industry».

Acquired experience and yearning of teachers for perfection of knowledge and skills let them develop contemporary methodological manuals answering the purposes of contemporary education.