In 2017 the teaching staff of the department started to work on the implementation of two new state budget projects. State budget project "Fundamentals of Optimizing Foreign Language Teaching in Non-Language Institutions of Higher Education" No. Г-2017-4 deals with development of new textbooks and other materials for students of different specialties of our University.

The second state budget project "Analysis of the Cognitive Paradigm and Control of Business Documents Translation Adequacy" No. Г-2017-5 has an applied nature and is aimed at provision of linguistic support for foreign programs that are being implemented at the University. The work on this project is presented in the form of translations (oral and written), provision of linguistic assistance to the colleagues of other departments in writing of scientific articles and abstracts in foreign languages, preparing students for participation in international conferences of different levels.

The staff of the department have always taken an active part in publishing activity. Taking into account social and political changes, the teachers of the department have begun to participate more actively in different conferences organized by Russian universities and publish their scientific works in Russian publications. So in 2017, the teachers of the department published 16 articles in the RSCI collections of scientific papers. In 2015 there were 8 such articles and in 2016 there were 12 articles published in RSCI, which indicates a positive trend in this direction.

The teachers of the department take an active part in international conferences and in different scientific events organized by the departments of DonNUET and other universities of the republic.

In January 2017, the Regional Scientific and Practical Internet Conference for Teachers, Graduate Students, Employees and Students "The Strategy of Life-Long Language Learning" was organized and held at the Foreign Languages Department. 125 reports by the authors from 6different countries were sent to be reported at the conference and published.

In March 2017 the Regional Conference for Post-Graduate Students and Teachers "Topical Problems of the Humanities in the Context of Modern Reforms" was held on the basis of the department. 54 reports of teachers and post-graduate students from universities of the region were submitted to be reported at the conference. 78 participants from 16 higher educational institutions of the DPR and the LPR took part in the conference. The organizing committee of the conference notes a high scientific level of the articles presented for publication, a wide range of topics and their practical significance.

Taking into account the positive results the teachers of the department do not forget about those tasks that demand a solution.  The priority is to participate in international conferences, publish works in scientific publications included in RSCI and cooperate with higher educational institutions of Russia and other countries that are ready for cooperation with DonNUET.